A Fresh Approach to Food Drying Technology

A Fresh Approach in Food Drying Technology

Safer, higher-quality dried food produced faster and more affordably.

NuWave’s revolutionary food drying technology brings production affordably into the hands of regional farmers, reducing food waste and substantially increasing crop value.

Learn more about who benefits from NuWave’s green, clean technology or contact us directly today.

NuWave Empowers the Primary Food Producer

Food producers and manufacturers today must ensure that they are producing the highest-quality food products while watching their bottom line.

The breakthrough on-site solutions in vacuum microwave dehydration offered by NuWave Research enable regional farmers to easily and affordably manage food preservation of commercial crops--reducing food waste by providing solutions for imperfect products--while maintaining optimal food quality, taste and nutrition.

It’s possible because NuWave’s NuGenesis technology is flexible, scalable and portable. No other process can say the same.

Learn more about how NuWave can help food producers and manufacturers or contact us directly for further information.


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