Clean, Green Technology Delivered On-Site

NuWave help the regional farmer to not only create new value from imperfect commercial crops, but to do so sustainably and with pride.

The NuGenesis (TM) method effectively eliminates the need for refrigerated trucks to transport perishable food products to a central processing facility.

And by providing a new value-rich approach for processing imperfect foods that might otherwise contribute to landfills and the production of methane gas, NuWave addresses the global challenge of food waste.


Energy Savings in Vacuum Microwave Drying

Energy costs of continuous Vacuum Microwave Drying are 85% less than freeze-drying, thanks to the recovery of vaporization energy.

And because mobile dryers can be transported to the farmer as part of the NuGenesis (TM) solution, emissions relating to the transportation of crops to traditional freeze-drying facilities are eliminated.

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