Converting Food Waste into Value

Nearly half of the fruit, vegetable and berry crops grown in Canada are considered second-grade or "imperfect".

NuWave solutions transform this ‘imperfect’ produce into:

  • additional revenue for farmers
  • great-tasting food for consumers
  • reliable sources of food ingredients for manufacturers

How NuWave Helps Farmers and Food Manufacturer 

For farmers, being unable to earn value from imperfect produce results in low-value sales or food waste, due to high financial and energy costs of transporting food to energy-expensive freeze-drying facilities.

For food manufacturers, food wastage at source results in a lack of access to affordable, sustainable options for food ingredients, at a time of increasing demands for traceability, accountability and quality control in food products.

NuWave provides a portable, affordable and green solution that helps primary food processors and food manufacturers

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