Solutions to the Source

Clean, Smart and Mobile Technology

NuWave provides a portable, affordable and on-site technology solution for regional farmers wanting to reduce food waste and find more value in the food they grow. 

The NuGenesis(TM) method is a process of continuous Vacuum Microwave Drying (cVMD) that's available on-site to primary food processors.

A Unique Solution to Food Drying

Vacuum Microwave Drying works by removing moisture from food products under low pressure, which is possible because water boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum. The benefits: food nutrition is maintained, the unique properties of the food are preserved, and the process is significantly faster, greener and cheaper than other drying methods like freeze-drying.

What distinguishes NuGenesis from any other solution for drying fruits and vegetables is its portability and practicality. It’s an on-site, modular solution that allows food producers the flexibility to scale up or down as needed--saving money on transporting food while saving energy in processing.

Technological Advantages of NuWave

And NuGenesis (TM) is clean. Energy costs of cVMD are 85% less than freeze drying, thanks to the recovery of vaporization energy, and because mobile dryers can be transported to the farmer, there is huge reduction in transportation, cold storage requirements, resulting in a reduction of the overall carbon footprint.

NuWave’s NuGenesis method offers the following advantages for primary producers and food manufacturers:

○      NuWave offers a portable solution that can literally be used at the primary processing site (typically the farm)

○      NuWave will work with the customer to provide options from taking away the imperfect products to selling equipment, thereby tailoring the investment required to that of the primary producer

○      NuWave’s modular design means that if production requirements increase, so can the solution

○      NuWave’s flexible approach allows for quick adaptation to processing requirements

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